23 September 2023

Pesenka Around The World


This earwurm was ‘All Around The World’

Hit with a ‘Eurohouse’ flavor

Listen here to a combination of the three songs

Ruki Vverh! / ATC / R3hab & A Touch Of Class

One of the songs that was played a lot on the radio at the turn of the century was the song “Around The World (La, La, La, La, La, La, La, La,)” by German act ATC. With members from New-Sealand, Italy, Australia and England, Germany was mainly a home port. A real earwurm. The song was released in 2000, became a hit in the Netherlands and an even bigger hit at ‘home’ in Germany.


This song is original a Russian song called ‘Pesenka”, which means ‘ignore’ in Russian. It was invented and performed by Ruki Vverh! (meaning Hands Up!) in 1998. Ruki consisted of members Zhukov and Potekhin. This act was a big player in Russia from 1996.

All Around

Dutch DJ and Producer R3hab released a version of the song in spring 2019 together with A Touch Of Class. The renamed the song “All Around The World (La La)” and once again it became an international success.

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