About me

My name is Okkie Vijfvinkel and I am DJ

Since 1993 I play ‘out the door’ and from 2000 until 2020 I made serious money with it. After the Covid situation I will pick up my work again.

Music is my passion. I work with different styles of dance music, from the early fifties to the music of today. Playing very commercial music for a bigger audience does not have my focus anymore. Especially backtracking pieces of music and songs has my interest, I write articles about that. Music history I call it and often I search the corresponding the vinyl records for those stories.

As far as DJ-ing concerned, I am an allround DJ and like to play music that makes people and myself happy. I can play a ‘Feel good’ set with 7 inch singles and a dance night with my laptop setup. If there is an opportunity I will play a firm Drum ‘n Bass / Hardcore House set with love. And an afternoon with Cool Jazz or… You found out by now, the love of music goes in every direction and years of experience takes care of my professional output, whatever I play!