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On this site I share my love and knowledge of reuse of songs, collecting vinyl and music trivia. The ‘tagcloud’ with keywords is handy to navigate. It is possible to comment. Enjoy your stay!


Doc OK #19 Live Set at PRSPCT XL30

DJ SET! Especially for the PRSPCT XL30 I performed a DJ set made out of tracks with samples. Together with my daughter Jozephina we did...

Doc OK #18

Bear with me! As I stroll along the path of music righteousness. Samples, originals and versions with a lot of original vinyl discs. If you...

Doc OK #17

Music, chaos, facts & strong stories All here listen and watch! From The Commodores to Drokz & Mr Courage, Mandala Soul Crusade to S.O.D!

Doc OK Aversions #16

Chaos-tainment Samples, versions and remixes/bootlegs and a healthy portion of chaos!

Doc OK Aversions #15

Stream full of vinyl and stories! Enjoy over an hour of samples, originals and genuine chaos! Made for PRSPCT APP 2021©

Doc OK Aversions #14

De Chaos continues! Another hour of samples, originals, versions and bootlegs. Made for PRSPCT-APP.

Doc OK Aversions #13

One hour long info-chaos-tainment Lots of vinyl with originals, sampled songs and versions. Including a Disstrack! Episode 13 continuing restless where I left of last...

Doc OK A-Versions #12

Intense investigations. Endless versions, sampled songs & stories. Episode 12 see for yourself!

Doc OK A-Versions #11

More and even more versions, sampled songs & stories. Episode 11, one hour full speed!

Doc OK A-Versions #10

For the 10th time versions, sampled songs & stories! Episode 10, have fun!


Mah Na Mah Na versions

Song without real lyrics with a great story Piero Umiliani...

Why Follow Like Wolves

Follow Like Sheep Inna Wolf Clothes Listen to both the...

Juice – Catch A Groove

Juice - Catch A Groove 1976 The track “Catch A...

Nellie The Elephant

From children's series to funpunk Funpunk band Toy Dolls had...

DJ Zinc – Super Sharp Shooter

Super Sharp Sampling Piece of art Benjamin Pettit aka DJ Zin...

The Winstons – Amen Brother

From traditional to unique B side contains important break In...

I Love Rock ‘n Roll

The Arrows wrote the Rock anthem audio listen to a...

She’s Fine She’s Mine leads to You Don’t Love Me

From Bo Diddley to Rihanna Compilation Listen through this link to...

Original Nuttah

From old music to new music UK Apachi & Shy...