Deeper Shades Of Soul


Cover and Original in one

How an original itself contains a sample of another song

The Urban Dance Squad, one of Netherlands most important bands ever, scored their biggest hit with the song “A Deeper Shade Of Soul”.

Ray Baretto

The song itself was for a great part originating from a track with the same title, written and performed by Ray Baretto in 1968. So it is partly a cover, the same melody with added lyrics and musical additions. I did not know that in 1990, the year the single and album from UDS both was released.


Ray Baretto / Urban Dance Squad


The single sleeve of Ray Barretto contains a typing error; the correct way is ‘OF’ instead it states ‘OP’

Greatest hit for Urban Dance Squad

The song became their biggest hit for the Squad. Their only hit in the USA, number 21 in the ‘Billboard Hot 100’ and in the charts for 18 weeks! In those days you had to sell a lot of vinyl and cd’s to reach the charts.

Eddie Floyd

There is a nice story to the song. In 1968 Ray Baretto used a sample of Eddie Floyd’s – “Knock On Wood” track, from 1966.


Ray Baretto / Eddie Floyd


Urban Dance Squad releases are good to collect. Now I am a fan so…

A music friend from the music industry even gave me an old demo, on a cassette tape!

The compilation I made for RTV Rijnmond

For the last broadcast of radio show ‘Vraag Het De Bieb’ in 2018 I made this compilation.


Urban Dance Squad / Ray Baretto / Eddie Floyd


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