23 September 2023

Mike Redman – Sampled, Not For Sale


Sample expert

Tuesday 15th of may 2012 the film made by Mike Redman premiered in Lantaren Venster,


Mike Redman’s documentary “Sampled, not for sale” was the opening film of the Soundtrack festival 2012.

Subject is the use of samples, the Sampling Culture, in modern music. The film is building bridges between different generations musicians and contains exclusive interviews with o.a. George Clinton, Public Enemy, Bootsy Collins, Jazzy Jeff, Amon Tobin and many others.

The evening was introduced by Rudeboy (Patrick Tilon) of Urban Dance Squad fame. The documentary is nowhere to be found on internet because of the music fragments that are not released. When every discussed sample was payed then this would directly be the most expensive docu of all times.


Mike is a walking sample library. When I play records and I see him walk in then I try him out by playing an original, a song that was sampled by another musician. Most of the time he gets it and then he comes over to explain me who used the sample. Or he addresses me and he tells me for example that “The Apachebreak” by the incredible Bongo Band has a better loop at the end of the track. Sometimes he airdrums The Winstons “Amenbreak” or does a lipsync when the Kaygees “Who’s The Man” original is played.

A professional from before there was internet with sites like whosampled.com that discarded the sample from it’s romance. However this site has a page about Mike since he sampled Kate Bush “Wuthering Heights” for a track called “Mainstream Killah”, by Beatstream and Radiate ft Mike Redman.


He made a book about his adventures making the documentary: “The Sample Diary”, pictured above. In Dutch but might be he translates it one day.

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