23 September 2023

The quest

Although for me it is preferably ‘to the Recordstore Day’ every day, I do participate in the search for special editions that this event offers. April 13, 2019 was the 10th edition of Record Store Day.

The Honey Drippers – Impeach The President, 7″, Single, Ltd, Tuff City DEL 45 0901, 2018 US


The Honeydrippers – ‘Impeach The President’ was re-released as a single for this occasion. The original is from 1973, expensive to purchase and difficult to find. That’s why I was very happy to discover this re-release on the Recordstore Day site.

Drum break

My collection of vinyl as well as my digital collection focuses on originals, sampled records and versions of songs. The drumbeat of ‘Impeach The President’ contains a very recognizable ‘beat’ at the intro. This drum break has been sampled 808 (!) times by artists.

Needle in a haystack

Getting my hands on the single was tricky. There were queues in front of the two record stores in Rotterdam participating in Record Store Day when I arrived, around 8:45 am. Store number one didn’t have the release, the man behind the counter said it would be very difficult to find that single. The edition was very limited and every store wanted to sell the single. The second store was extremely busy. In the singles box, singles were upside down. Probably hurriedly tucked back by another person looking for something special. Possibly my luck, in this way the single covers were not easy to recognize. The single I was looking for was in between! At checkout I was told that this was the only copy they had received.

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