She’s Fine She’s Mine leads to You Don’t Love Me


From Bo Diddley to Rihanna


Listen through this link to a compilation of 22 versions of songs with a direct connection to the tracks “She’s Fine She’s Mine” and “You Don’t Love Me”.


I have made this video that explains the whole story.

Dawn Penn had a global success with her single ‘You Don’t Love Me (No, No, No)’ in 1993

That song was originally recorded, titled ‘You Don’t Love Me’, by her in 1967. Originally? Uhm…

Before Dawn Penn recorded that song for the first time it was a minor hit for Gene Thompson & The Counts in 1963 (however it is possible that this record was recorded in 1966). Gene Thompson in turn made a great R&B version of Willie Cobb’s ‘You Don’t Love’ from 1960. And Willie Cobbs took Bo Diddley’s ‘She’s Fine, She’s Mine’, recorded in 1955, as starting point for his song.

Let start at the beginning

Bo Diddley – ‘She’s Fine, She’s Mine’ : 1955

This song is the B-side of Bo’s ‘Diddly Daddy’ single from 1955. It started covers and adaptations from then until the modern day. Renditions in its original form came from artists in the early days like Clarence Edwards (1960), The Pretty Things (1965) and John E Sharpe (1966). There are many more, website has 58 versions listed.


Willie Cobbs – ‘You Don’t Love’ in 1960

Willie heard someone sing the “Oh, oh, oh, you don’t love me, yes I know” lyrics in a certain melody and began to write the song the same day. His words and explanation.


The Megatons – ‘Shimmy Shimmy Walk’ : 1962

One guitarplayer from the session that realised Willie Cobbs – ‘You Don’t Love’ was Billy Lee Riley. Also producer and owner of Mojo Records. He made two instrumental versions of the song, named it ‘Shimmy Shimmy Walk, Part 1′ and ‘Shimmy Shimmy Walk, Part 2’. He recorded this with his band The Megatons in 1962. He also took the writing credits for that, claiming he was the sole guitarist from the Willie Cobbs single session. Cobbs and pianist Eddie Boyd filed a lawsuit, stating that it was their composition and that guitarplayer Sammy Lawthorn made up the guitarlicks.


Gene Thompson and the Counts – ‘You Don’t Love Me’ :1963 (some say 1966… )

I cannot find any information on this release, Gene Thompson or The Counts. Even the year of release is uncertain. What I do know is that this version comes close to the first Dawn Penn recording and that this is a version that gets people dancing.


Tommy Raye – You Don’t Love Me 1964

A man who released a version in 1964. He also wrote his name under Willie Cobbs’ song but not on his own single… His name is on versions like Sonny & Cher and others. Probably has to do with arrangement of those versions.


Dawn Penn – ‘You Don’t Love Me’ : 1967

Dawn Penn started as a recording singer in 1967 for a period that lasted two years. She recorded for producer “Sir” Coxsone Dodd, known as the man who started Studio One. Clement (his real name) took American R&B music home to Jamaica to play on his soundsystems. He started making versions and Dawn Penn’s song was one of them. It was a local hit in Jamaica. Dawn left the country and the music industry in 1970.


Dawn Penn – ‘You Don’t Love Me (No, No, No)’ : 1993

She performed the song in 1992 live on stage for an anniversary show in honour of Studio One and it was a highlight of that show. It led to a recording for the Studio One tribute album “Play Studio One Vintage’ by Steely & Clay, the same year as the tributeshow, and from there it went to a single-release a year later, in 1993.

New versions and sample-use

After Dawn’s new version became a global hit many artists covered that version, even in different languages, or took a sample from it. Mélaaz released a great French version in 1995, using samples from Dawn’s 1967 ‘original’. Eve (2001), Rihanna (2005) and Beyoncé (2009) also made a version of the song, with various results.

Lily Allen, Ghostface Killah and Usher are artists that sampled various parts of the song. Ed Solo & Deekline made a banging Drum & Bass remix in 2013.

Round up

Bo Diddley started an endless stream of versions with his song back in 1955. So many leads that it is impossible to name all versions. What is worth listening is Ike & Tina Turner – ‘You Don’t Love Me (Yes I Know)’ as Ike was also a pioneer and musical genius and Tina was the checkpoint for leading R&B and Rock & Roll lady singers. The Allman Brothers Band used the song as a tribute for the then recently murdered R&B sax player King Curtis, combined with King’s “Soul Serenade’, on their tour in 1971. Gary Walker of the Walker Brothers recorded and released a version in 1966 that became a hit in the UK. Thee Headcoats made a version in 1991 and bandmember Billy Childish made another version in 2008 with his second band The Blackhands.

From Bo Diddley to Rihanna, quite a trip!

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