23 September 2023

Batmobile – She’s Dynamite


Dynamic album

Dutch Neo-Rockabilly legends Batmobile realized a theme-album in 1990. One of the cover versions that Batmobile performs on the record is a song made famous by B.B. King but was made and performed first by an artist named Tampa Red. Also know as Piano Red and Dr. Feelgood. 

Tampa Red

The song “She’s Dynamite” is written and released on single 1951 by Tampa Red. Recordlabel RCA did little promotion for the song and it did not become a hit. It was re-released as Piano Red with the same title in 1953, with likewise result.

The Bihari brothers, founders of ‘Modern Records’ with subsidiary labels ‘RPM’ & ‘Meteor Records’, asked if Sam Phillips -of ‘Memphis Recording Company’ and ‘Sun Records’- was interested in recording the song with B.B. King as artist. This plan was realized and B.B. King also released the song in 1951. As b-side for the single “B.B. Blues”.


Drummer Johnny Zuidhof explained: “We found out thru Mud’s “Dynamite” that there really are a lot songs with the title “Dynamite”. Then came the idea to make an album with solely ‘Dynamite’ covers on it. We then had the opportunity to make our own song with that titel”! So there is one own song on this album, titled… “Dynamite”.

The album contains the following explosive cover versions: “Dynamite” by Mud, “Dynamite” by Brenda Lee, “Dynamite” by Cliff Richard & The Shadows, “Dynamite” by The Scorpions (sung by permanent soundman Eddie Alderden), “Rollin’ Dynamite” by Scotty McKay and the already mentioned “She’s Dynamite” by B.B. King. The only song on this album that does not contain the word dynamite is called “TNT” and is by Rikki and the Rikkatones.


listen to the Spotify list with all original versions, click here or on the image underneath.


The characteristic Batmobile album-sleeve is of course illustrated by Pieter M. Dorrenboom.

This article was written for Radio Rijnmond’s live radio show ‘Vraag Het De Bieb’ , I picked one song to play on the radio alongside Batmobile’s version.

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