23 September 2023

Follow Like Sheep Inna Wolf Clothes

Listen to a compilation of both songs; The Specials – “Ghost Town” first and Zion Train – “Follow Like Wolves” second

In 1980 the Britsh  Skaband The Specials released their single “Ghosttown”. The B-side of that single contains the song “Why?”. That song is about rightwing -extremists who threatened members of the band because they have a coloured skin.


A sample of the lyrics was used by the Britsh Dub-Reggae band Zion Train on their 1993 track “Follow Like Wolves”. The lyrics in the intro is direct recognizable. Zion Train displayed the essence of the original “Why?”perfectly with the use of only one sentence. Which is wonderful. The lyrics in itself leaves little to guess: ‘You follow like sheep inna wolveclothes’…

Fun fact is that I cleared that sample on Whosampled site.

Check here for the page with the two songs.


The Specials – Ghost Town, 7″ Single, Chrysalis, Two-Tone Records 103 338, 1981 Netherlands
Zion Train – Follow Like Wolves Remix 12″ EP, Universal Egg EGGY01, 1993 UK
Zion Train – Siren LP Album, Universal Egg WWLP7, 1995 UK

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