Follow Like Sheep Inna Wolf Clothes

Listen to both the versions combined in a song

In 1980 the Britsh  Skaband The Specials released their single “Ghosttown” with on the B-side the song “Why?”. It is about rightwing -extremists who threatened members of the band because they have a coloured skin.


A sample of the lyrics was used by the Britsh Dub-Reggae band Zion Train on their track “Follow Like Wolves”. When that song was released in 1993 I bought it immediately. The lyrics in the intro is direct recognizable. Without the sample it would have been a good track too but the vocals give that extra bit.

Zion Train displayed the essence of the original “Why?”perfectly with the use of only one sentence. Which is wonderfyul. I have to admit that I already knew the original so the message might be delivered better.

The lyrics in itself leaves little to guess: ‘You follow like sheep inna wolveclothes’…

Fun fact is that I cleared that sample on Whosampled site.

Check here for the page with the two songs.


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