The Winstons – Amen Brother


From traditional to unique

B side contains important break

In 1969 musical company The Winstons released a single that contains a break that wrote music history. The Winstons was an Amerikan Funk and Soul band from Washington DC. With a religious background and musicians of various descent and colour. The a-side of single “Colour Him Father” is unimportant, it is all about the other side. On there is “Amen, Brother” and that song contains THE DRUMBREAK.

The Winstons – Amen, Brother: drumbreak

This single is a Dutch release with picture sleeve containing a band picture

Eight bars with no other instruments. Some people claim that drummer Gregory C. Coleman almost made a mistake and recovered that in an inimitable way. Others state that the solo piece was planned. Everybody agrees that it is a unique piece. And also perfect to sample at the first days of sample machines.

One of the most used drum breaks ever

The Winstons – Amen, Brother: drumbreak slowed down

Ultimate Breaks & Beats Street Beat Records – SBR 501 1996 reissue

In 1986 the first Ultimate Breaks & Beats was released, a vinyl record that contains drum breaks that can be used by DJ’s and producers. The producer of the record slowed down the drum break of The Winston’s “Amen, Brother”.

Ultimate Breaks & Beats Street Beat Records – SBR 501 2003 reissue, double vinyl

Immediately it became a break with potention. To play together (backspinning’).

 2003 reissue label with misprint layout on the third song “Amen, Brother”

Also in that period the first samplers came on the market. With the consequence that the so called ‘Amenbreak’ ended up in Hip Hop productions.

After which the new breed electronic musicians and producers took the original and sampled the drumbreak at the original tempo.  And so those drums became point of departure for the starting of Jungle & Breakbeat music.

Coverversion and sample

The song”Amen, Brother” is an centruries old religious song, in this version a gospelsong. The interpretation of this specific execution shows great similarities with “We’re A Winner” by The Impressions. Gregory C. Coleman played drums in both formations.

More information

There is a lot written about this break and the musicians that recorded the single. Type in The Winstons – Amen break in the search bar of your browser and enjoy!


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