Using old music to create new music

Label of 12 inch maxi single: SOUR 008 / UK / 1994 / (first release)

UK Apachi & Shy FX – Original Nuttah 1994

Early 90’s the electronic musicscene in the UK used the term ‘Jungle’ for the first time. Fast breakbeats and the use of The Winston Amen break was typical. The musicstyle is connected to Reggae and Jamaican music.

“Original Nuttah” was one of the first tracks Shy FX released and it became a signature track of the Jungle-style. Vocalist UK Apachi delivered his inimitable style of toasting/rapping and chanting over a combination of samples and of course “The Amen” drumbreak from The Winstons. It became the first D&B/Jungle track to enter the British Charts, highest position 39 01-10-94.

Original Nuttah

“Original Nuttah” was released in 1994 and contains various samples.
A sample is used from the movie “Goodfellas” (1990)

Sample of a dialogue in movie “Goodfellas” and the version used in the track “Original Nuttah”


Another sample was taken from the Cypress Hill – “I Wanna Get High” intro

Cypress Hill – “I Wanna Get High” intro and that sample used in “Original Nuttah”

Label of  12 inch maxi single: Columbia XPR 2014 – UK Promo / 1994

UK Apachi

Toaster/Rapper UK Apachi used an interpolation of Anthony Red Rose – “Tempo”

Sample of Anthony Red Rose’s track “Tempo” and the version used in “Original Nuttah”

7 inch single: Firehouse (no number) – Jamaica / 1985

UK Apache also used an interpretation of Anthony Red Rose – “Under Me Fat Thing”

Anthony Red Rose’s track “Under Me Fat Thing” and the sampled part in “Original Nuttah”

7 inch single: Firehouse (no number) – Jamaica / 1985

Both songs of Anthony Red Rose were released in 1985.


The “Original Nuttah” composition is unique, the first widely know ‘Jungle’ track and part of the succes is the use of real great samples of ‘conventional’ music. And it goes deeper. For instance “Under Me Fat Thing” by Anthony Red Rose is a cover of Yellowman’s song with the same title, both released in 1985.

Album: Blue Moon Productions – BM 107 – France / 1985
Anthony Red Rose’s version and the original “Under Me Fat Thing” by Yellowman

Anthony Red Rose’s version of “Under Me Fat Thing” has a rhythm and baseline sampled by Wayne Smith – “Under Me Sleng Teng”, also released in 1985.

7 inch single: Jammy’s Records  Repress (no number) – Jamaica / no release date
Anthony Red Rose’s “Under Me Fat Thing” and the rhythm original by Wayne Smith – “Sleng Teng”


• “Goodfellas” is a movie, made by Martin Scorsese and released in 1990. The story is about American gangsterism. It is an adaptation of the book “Wiseguy” by Nicholas Pileggi.

• Cypress Hill is an American Rap crew from LA, famous for making songs about smoking weed. • The sampled track “I Wanna Get High” samples 4 tracks itself.

• Anthony Red Rose is a Jamaican Sing-Jay, an entertainer who combines toasting (an archetype of rapping) and singing following the rhythm of the track.

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