It’s The Way That You Do It


How a Jazzsong became a Poppy Skahit

The original version was first performed in januari 1939 by Jimmy Lunceford together with James Young on vocals. A month later Chick Webb and with Ella Fitzgerald recorded the first cover version.


listen to a compilation of 4 versions

Jimmy Lunceford & James Young / Jimmy Webb & Ella Fitzgerald / Little Richard / The Fun Boy Three

When Two Tone Skaband The Specials split up in 1981 singer Terry Hall, Singer & Guitarist Neville Staple and Singer & Percussionist Lynval Golding started The Fun Boy Three. In 1982 they released “It Ain’t What You Do (It’s the Way That You Do It)”. The ladies of Bananarama who sang background on this release made the picture complete. Terry Hall saw the ladies in Fashion-and Music magazine ‘The Face’ and invited them to join the recording.

Earlier version

Little Richard made a version much earlier version of “It Ain’t What You Do (It’s the Way How You Do It)”, with one word differently written in the title.

Other language

Of course there are versions in other languages. like the Dutch ‘Rubberen Robbie’ Parody version “Meneer Tarzan” what means ‘Mister Tarzan’.

DJ copy

I lost my original single years ago, so I bought a replacement. My copy is has been used in an ‘Arena Mobile Discobar’ in Belgium as you can see on the sticker. If you look at the sleeve you can see the top had been taped so the single can go in easier and probably faster.

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