Rotterdam, the sample

‘Panic In Rotterdam’

In 1993 I was in Spain as part of a group youngsters from Rotterdam. We went with locals in a car for a ride. A radiostation was on, playing uplifting House music. The one sample that was used repeatedly in that mix was the sample this article is about: het uitgesproken woord ‘Rotterdam’.

There is a song with an acapella intro which is sampled many times in harder electronic music. That song is released on an American label and made by a German producer. The sample contains one word: ‘Rotterdam’. Used by at least two famous Rotterdam Gabberhouse tracks from the 90’s and more recently by crossover hybrid act TDC Inc. in 2021.

The Rotterdam sample: Latex & W van den Berg / Bald Terror / Kuipkanjers / TDC Inc.


German producer André Fischer made a track in 1992 called “Panic In Rotterdam” and released that under the ‘Latex & W van den Berg’ name. Rotterdam was the centre of the new and harder electronic music in that period and more musicproducers used the cityname to benefit of that situation.

Februari 2021 I was triggered by the then-upcoming release. After some searching on the internet, mainly thru Discogs, Bandcamp, I came in contact with André. He was really friendly and replied my mail right away. The mailconversation:

Mail conversation with André Fischer


DJ, Recordlabel owner and producer Paul Elstak had a record out in 1993 under the name Bald Terror called ‘Rotterdam’ that contains the sample. More songs of that formation contains the sample.

Mail conversation with Paul Elstak

George Ortega had a gabber record out in the same year under the name ‘Kuipkanjers’ with Rotterdam soccer club Feyenoord’s anthem “Hand In Hand” titled “Hand In Hand Gabbers”.

Facebookmessenger conversation with George Ortega


George is not ruling out the possibility that the sample he used for “Hand In Hand Gabbers” is coming from another source, a Planet Core Productions record. ‘PCP’ was a recordlabel founded by Marc Acardipane and Thorsten Lambard. Acardipane is a Techno and Hardcore producer and DJ from day one.

The search is on, so if that ‘Rotterdam’ sample is found there will be an update.


Latex & W van den Berg – “Panic In Rotterdam” was released in 1992 on American recordlabel Direct Drive Records. Producer, DJ and businessman George Ortega bought that label after that release, in 1993 or in 1994. Founder Jimmy Crash ditched music after converting to religion, sold the label and stopped making music.

Still relevant

In 2021 the sample resurfaced. Rotterdam based band TDC INC uses the sample for their track “The Flames Decide Your Faith”.

Spotify playlist (not complete)

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