Now! Even more tracks!

Making the most out of a really hot evening with another uplifting episode of Doc’s adventures. Mostly vinyl!

Zardonic – Children Of Tomorrow (Pythius Remix) (Instr.) Feat. Coppa
Mark V & Poogie Bear – The Boy is Bangin’, Max Romeo – I Chase The Devil, Lee Perry – Disco Devil, The Upsetters – Croaking’ Lizard, Qemists – Iron Shirt, Dredd X – Jungle Shirt, Dreadzone – Iron Shirt, Jay Z – Lucifer, Cut ’n Run – Outta Space (booty mix), The Prodigy – Out Of Space, Madness – Chase The Devil. Mellow Trax – Outta Space (Decline mix)
Funkdoobiest – The Funkiest, Gladiators – Da Funkiest
Prophet – Kick Drum & Funky Zeit remix
Jorge Ben & Toquino – Carola Carol Bela, DJ Marky, Stamina MC & XRS – LK MIST (remix)
Itsu Uno – Super Sharp Breaks
Clown Core – Toilet
The Blackout Crew – Put A Donk On It
David Heartbreak -Elmo (Slick Shootas a Donk keeps my crack addiction in check Remix)
Danae – U Got Me Up, Hoagy Carmichael And His Orchestra – Barnacle Bill The Sailor
The Last Word – Keep On Bumpin’ Befote You Give Out Of Gas, Tim Dog & KRS One – I Get Wrecked, Tim Dog & KRS One / Mark Ronson – Wrecked Ooh Wee (mash up)
J Star / Nate Dogg & Warren G – Regulate Reggae (mash up)
Eddy Cochran / Snoop Dogg – Everybody Drop It (mash up), Venjent – Open Your Mind.

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