Bio DJ Okkie Vijfvinkel

Mijn naam is Okkie Vijfvinkel

I started playing records at punk and metalconcerts in 1993 and I am DJ-ing professionally since 2000.

At first I played Alternative Dance nights and that developed to bigger commercial gigs throughout the years.

Stepped back a little, now doing more initiatives where good music is involved instead of making money playing boring events.

Love playing music from all times. Always kept in touch with raw energy, both organic and electronic music. Getting crowds attention and keep them moving on dancefloors is essential. It is all about giving and recieving energy.

Obsessed with originals, versions and samples. Writing about it, playing them on my sets and discovering more every day. Busy with a live show-event with those ingredients.

Playing sets with ‘Vinyl Only’ as well, for various assignments. 7 Inch Soul, old style R&B, Disco and Pop. 12 Inch Hip Hop, House and Drum & Bass.

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